Famous Five series

Five Run Away Together

Five Run Away Together is the third book in the Famous Five series written by Enid Blyton.
The story begins when Julian, Dick, and Anne go to George’s house for the school holidays (don’t you love ’em) and have a rather nasty surprise…

Mrs. Kirrin is sick and cannot get out of bed to do the things that need doing around the house (as a good mother does) and unfortunately for all of them Joan, the cook has broken her leg and cannot possibly do any work around the house!


Out of desperation Aunt Fanny has hired a cook who although she is nice to Mr. and Mrs. Kirrin is quite horrid to the Five.

Mrs. Kirrin is taken suddenly ill and has to go to the hospital, leaving the Five in the care of the cook who soon becomes quite nasty!

Five go Adventuring Again

Five go Adventuring Again is the second book in the Famous Five series and Enid Blyton has done it again!!!
The book starts out with the five still at their boarding school when they receive a letter saying that they cannot go home for the Christmas holidays because Julian, Dick, and Anne’s mother has the scarlet fever and their father is in quarantine.

Unfortunately they were going to have George (and Timmy) to their house! The venue is changed to George’s house where Aunt Fanny and Uncle Quentin live.
the five don’t expect it but it always happens, they have an adventure!

I won’t say anything about their adventure but I will say this, it is a very exciting one!
As I said before…Enid Blyton has DEFINITELY done it again!

Five on Kirrin Island Again

Five on Kirrin Island Again is a story about the five helping their uncle out of deep trouble on Kirrin Island.
Quentin is conducting a highly secret experiment and due to the remoteness of Kirrin Island he has decided to take up his quarters there, but something is wrong, he is not alone.

When the five become worried about their uncle, they decide to see what’s happening on the Island.
Quentin being his usual grumpy self, is quite annoyed at the five’s arrival.
Exciting mysteries are sure to follow when the Famous Five are involved.
Spies, bombs and undersea tunnels are all part of this book’s adventures!

I wouldn’t want to spoil the story for you by giving too much away, so read it for yourself and you won’t be disappointed.