Is Facebook Preventing You From Getting A Job?

The power of this social media is growing more and more powerful every day.  The influence of Facebook has not escaped the workplace, in fact, more and more hiring managers are using it as a way to “check-up” on their employees.  Employers are also using it as a tool to determine if you are the kind of employee they want to hire.  I have spoken with 10 hiring managers in the last few weeks and 7 of them check Facebook before they extend an offer to a new employee.  Moreover, 5 of them check it to “check-up” on their current employees.  In a perfect world all of our “personal” information would remain out of view of individuals whom we wish not see it, but unfortunately, that is not the case.  Facebook privacy settings are changing all the time and if you do not stay abreast of them you could be missing out on potential jobs or even risk losing your job. Thus, do not post anything on the internet that you do feel comfortable with your employer or potential employer seeing.


Finally, and mostly importantly, the information that non-employers can find out about you can be very dangerous.  Many individuals use the information you post on these social media sites as a way to steal your identity and in some cases use this to break into your home.  Be smart, be well informed and you can avoid all the potential dangers that you face by posting personal information on Facebook.


Once you have become more conscious on the Internet, it is time to apply for jobs and eventually you will have an interview with a company.  Below, we would like to draw your attention to the final part of a job interview.


Do you have any questions?

Ah yes, at the end of any interview, whether you’re a professional graduate interviewing for your first job at that top bank or a 15-year-old going for your first job interview at a fast food joint this question you are asked right at the end is an important one! Not only will it show that you were listening to the interview, but it will show your motivation and drive in terms of the kind of questions you do start to ask back! During school this week, I was advising a student about her first interview at McDonald’s that was coming up and told her even if you think you only have simple questions to ask at the end of the interview, ask them! It will show your motivation and interest for the job, however, I suggest to stay away from asking about pay in the first instance!

If you’re a full-time working professional, a great question that has always worked for me is asking about how your job performance will be measured. Different companies have different methods in measuring the performance of their employees, and it will give you great insight into how that organization deals with these matters and if it’s the right fit for you too.

So the overall motto is always ask something! Even if you go blank in the interview, it’s better to ask something simple than to say no you don’t have any questions at all!