Learning the Correct CV Format

Next up comes your personal information.  A number of companies and businesses are doing serious background checks on potential employees these days, so not only does your CV need to contain personal information, but all of it has to be one hundred percent true as well.  

Hiring managers are looking for several things here.  They want to know when and where you were born, first of all.  They want to know about your citizenship status and your visa status.  Last but not least, they want to know your gender as well, though more often than not, this particular bit of information is just to tell them something more about you.  It may seem irrelevant, but trust that only under very rare circumstances will your gender be a deciding factor in whether or not you are hired.  You can also include some optional personal information, such as whether or not you are married, the name of your spouse, and whether or not you have children.

The next bit of information your curriculum vitae needs to include is the truly important stuff.  You can go into detail about your work history, for example; it should be listed in chronological order, and it should include the details about your position and the dates during which you were employed.  You can include academic positions as well as any research and training.  After that comes your educational history, which includes the dates you attended school, your major(s), and the details of your degree(s), plus any training programs and certifications.  In order, you should include information about high school, college, graduate school, and any postdoctoral training.

The proper CV format also allows for professional qualifications, certifications, accreditations, computer skills, awards, publications, books, professional memberships, and even your interests.  Take a look at some curriculum vitae examples, you will see.  You have every opportunity to sell yourself and you should do so no matter what.  It will greatly increase your chances of getting the job of your dreams.