Why Attend Class For Something You Can Research On Your Own

You see, you never know who else will be in these classes and how you can help each other grow. If nothing else, you never know what kind of friends you will make in the class and what most people seem to forget in life is that meaningful relationships are as valuable or as cash if not more.

I don’t know about you but my time is precious. I already have more things to do than I have time for. I think that if you can find a class near you that teaches about your business, entrepreneurial or even personal interests you will quickly find that it was a good investment.

By the way some classes aren’t even $100. This class taught by Ms. Cheryl Brown at The Small Business Center in Greensboro, NC about “How To Start Your Own Business” is only $73! This is not a one day class, it’s 2 evenings a week for 4 weeks. I think the people attending will either be highly motivated and empowered to move forward or discover that business is not for them by the time this is over. Her passion inspires desire but her realism warns the faint of heart to move on and pursue other ambitions. Yes, she does have a business, or several rather, plus very interesting products to introduce to the public soon.

So not only do you learn more in a few hours than it would take you years to learn, you meet people that you would probably never meet.  If you know of a better way to invest in yourself and enrich your life, please feel free to post that so we can all be informed.